Communities, companies, hotels, equip yourself with a WIFI hotspot

Communities, companies, hotels, equip yourself with a WIFI hotspot

Visitors gain instant access to the Internet in a secure and law-abiding manner through Abake’s Technology’s Wi-Fi hotspot solutions.

A must-attend service for public places, shopping areas, hotels, etc. The Wi-Fi hotspot service is also an effective marketing tool.

Abake’s Foundation provides turnkey Wi-Fi Hotspot architectures.

A global service including:

  • The needs study
  • The cover study
  • Integration and exploitation

Whether to make the cover:

  • from a public institution
  • an outdoor area
  • from a company
  • a hotel establishment

Abake’s Technology offers you a complete WIFI Hotspot solution with fast and secure installation.

Our Hotspot architectures allow all types of Wi-Fi terminals, without specific configuration, simple and immediate access to users.


Our WIFI Hotspot architectures designed with the end user in mind allow easy and reliable access. Access to the service does not require any configuration on the part of the user, so the services of the community or establishment are never solicited to assist users in the configuration of their equipment.


Our Hotspot Wi-Fi architectures, offering a global solution, also include the backup of the connection elements in accordance with the legislation.

In order to maintain security within the proposed hotspot architecture, communications between users is prohibited. Thus a terminal infected with a virus can not infect other users.


Depending on your needs we offer several types of user identification:

  • Free connection,
  • Login with registration (email address, last name, first name …)
  • Login with identifier communicated by SMS,
  • Connection with management of session durations, for example 3 sessions of 30 minutes per day.
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