Our photovoltaic solutions

Our photovoltaic solutions

Our renewable solutions include wind, solar and hybrid energy combined with solar applications.

Many of our projects around the world are composed of several technologies. Thanks to a wealth of experience, Abake’s Technology works with its customers to define the specific needs of projects in order to provide them with the best solution.

Abake’s Technology is not only a manufacturer, but also an experienced entrepreneur who can guarantee a profitable long-term investment.

We provide turnkey photovoltaic (PV) solutions tailored to the needs of the project and the environment and enable our customers to generate clean and economical energy.

Our solar applications and our turnkey approach (EPC) allow to develop reliable solutions for isolated sites or connected to the network. This know-how, our low-maintenance technologies and our recognized skills are our key assets enabling us to carry out highly profitable projects.

Thanks to a solid network of installers, distributors and maintenance partners, we are able to offer an offer adapted to each project.

Our solar technology has been designed by our engineers to provide high performance in areas with extreme weather conditions, as well as in salty, dusty, cyclonic, hot and cold environments. The innovative concept of our photovoltaic products guarantees high performance and optimal service life, as well as enhanced security to prevent damage or theft on ground installations.

We can help you design your entire renewable project from the earliest stages of development to securing financing.

We are committed to developing sustainable, cost-effective and adaptable solutions that reduce the cost of energy.

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Wind power

Wind power